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This Underwater Exploration demo for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset will give you a taste for the kind of experience we’re crafting within the Unreal Development Kit with Native Headtracking.

Your goal is to explore the level by moving between canisters of air to refuel your submersible. Your oxygen bar is projected onto the monitor in-front of you, it will drain slowly unless you are next to a canister. To complete each level, follow the lights through the environment to reach the exit located in the hull of the ship. There are two levels for this demo experience, complete the first to progress onto the second.



– Download ‘Undercurrent A.04 Demo Download’

– Install ‘Undercurrent A.04’ from download directory

– Launch Game upon completion from shortcut or go to ‘/Binaries/Win32’ & launch ‘UDK.exe’ (create a shortcut to desktop)

Any issues, please refer to the README document on google docs.


Move – Left Thumbstick / WASD

Turn – Right Thumbstick / Mouse

Ascend – Left Bumper / Spacebar

Descend – Left Trigger / Left Control

Toggle Lights – Right Trigger / Left Mouse

Toggle Freelook – R3 Press

Quit – Start / Esc



UNDERCURRENT A.04 Patch Notes:

– Full Keyboard & Mouse Support

– Detects Oculus Rift and and enables 3D stereo view automatically

– Ascend / Descend replaces jump functionality – bound to ‘Left Bumper’ & ‘Space’

– Optional FREELOOK control toggle via ‘Right Thumstick Press’ (R3)

– Rebound Quit to ‘Esc’ & Xbox ‘Start’

– Rebound Restart Level to Xbox ‘Back’

– Improved OXYGEN User Interface Design

– Implemented Robotic body counterpart into cockpit

– New Tutorial Area

– New Splash & Loading Screen

– New Environmental Audio Cues

– New Floating Speed Boost Orbs


Please Enjoy! Any feedback, bugs or questions please send to: