Develop Conference


We have a had an extremely rewarding week at the Develop Conference in Brighton, as well as the TechMix Digital Summer camp in London.

We Demoed Undercurrent, received Feedback, & Connected with a variety of Developers and Industry Professionals. It was especially cool to see Undercurrent played by Brendan Iribe (CEO at Oculus VR), and Mark Rein (VP at Epic).

The whole affair has given us a clearer understanding of the industry from a developer standpoint, and helped us establish the direction we want to take Undercurrent and Hammerhead Studios.



We’ve just returned from a very successful weekend at Rezzed. It was pleasure to be showing our game at our first major game event. And the first official UK event to host the Oculus Rift. We’re so glad that we were able to offer players their first VR experience on a game designed specifically for the rift.

Thank you to everyone who chose to brave the enormous queue line and thanks to anyone who came up and said Hi, asked about our game or the Rift – You really made our day.

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