Scripting Update – Kismet Nodes

In order to implement the gameplay effects that have been created by our designers, I have created a set of kismet nodes whose purpose is to modify a specific property of the submarine. Although a modify property kismet node already exists, it is sadly non-functional. There are three nodes

  • Boost adds on a factor to the submarine’s speed
  • Slow simple does the opposite, taking away a factor of the speed
  • Reset returns the value of speed to the submarine’s default

Depending on feedback from the designers, this may be improved to make it easier for them to add it into the levels created.

Scripting Update – AI Update

Decisions are still being made on just how the various fish in the world will move around but one possible option is for a node based AI system. This would work best with larger, feature creatures such as sharks which would allow them to explore key points of an undersea world.

This AI is based off a tutorial found online but has been completed and fixed to work with the latest UDK. It is also in its early stages and will be improved as the project continues – at the moment, the mini-mantas (standing in for fish) will move between nodes in a random order. As you can see in the video, some work still needs to be done on collisions between the fish among other things.

Michael Charge – Progammer


I’m Michael Charge, one of the two programmers in the team.

As a programmer, my main interests are networking, mobile devices and the creation of gameplay systems. This makes UDK a great system to use as it saves me having to code an engine from scratch and allows me to focus on the more interesting side although this is tempered by having to relearn UnrealScript. I also have a keen interest in games design so I am enjoying the ability to throw ideas in the pot about how this project will turn out.

Outside of games development I also review games, both on my personal blog and at This Is My Joystick with a primary focus on PC games. While playing them, I also delight in try to understand just how their gameplay systems tick, often by creating small mods when the functionality is available.

After Teesside I intend to attend Abertay University to do an MProf in Games Development.