Team Meeting – 07th November

ICA & Presentation

Yesterday we presented our current prototype to the entire class of tutors and students, we were quite nervous but managed to produce a great show full of drama, laughs and inspiration, we received a great response from the audience.
We got feedback from the class that it should feel more like underwater through better use of caustics, lighting and movement game play which will be dealt with in the next working development phase.
We took a look at the ICA for the hand-in on the 19th November during the meeting and created an excel doc outlining every team-member’s roles for the hand-in. Luckily we had almost everything ready and finished for the presentation so there is just a little tidying up and collection of files to do.

Design & Programming
The programmers have made some good progress this week, managing to prototype our gameplay mechanics by creating custom kismet nodes, allowing designers to quickly implement game play sequences with a lot of flexibility.
The Designers are really proud of what they have achieved so far, completing the first prototype and first draft of the design document. And have decided that they would like to improve functionality and structure to their levels by learning about pacing and the player’s inner monologue, teaching the player the mechanics one-by-one as they go through the game. Carlton has shared his design document progress with the team and Richard has volunteered to help him by producing visuals to demonstrate game mechanics and to help format and edit the text.

This week the Art team had a great triumph demonstrating their artwork prototype level, everyone was impressed and it uniquely demonstrated the pacing, emotion, atmosphere and feel of the game we were hoping to create.
The artists will be swapping around a little this week to keep things fresh, the artists have been assigned to create Glowing Gameplay Fish, Rocks, Modular Cargo Planes, and Enourmous Whale Rib Bones.
Daniel has almost finished his submarine this week, with a few design oriented tweaks the base-mesh should be completed ASAP allowing him to start UV mapping the arms ready for animation.
We spoke to the programmers and discovered that they only need a skeletal mesh assigned to the vehicle class before we can begin creating the anim-tree so we’re hoping to get this developed ASAP.

The animators have decided not to create a turtle because of lack of immediate requirement and instead have decided to focus on finding techniques to best produce modular animation that designers can block out quickly around the levels. They’ve also decided to step away from AI for the moment so that the programmers can focus on developing the core mechanics meanwhile the animators can find other, more viable solutions.
The submarine is having some final game play adjustments made and will be rigged and in the engine within the next week.
Will is going to be working with Lee to produce the particle effects for the game play fish when they explode and get lit up by the submarine’s laser beam.

Mark got to hear his music along-side the game play visuals this week, everyone was really impressed with his work. This week Mark will be looking at creating unique sound identifiers for each game play fish so that they player can learn to identify them by their colour and sound. For the hand-in Mark will be required to start implementing his work into the levels themselves, this will take a while to learn the systems and how they interact. We were looking at finding a way to cut the songs up either vertically or horizontally then allowing the designers to build the music up layer by layer in the engine as and when it is required to reflect pacing and tempo.
Christian has requested a 2nd soundtrack, slower in pace and more ambient compared to the last piece. We were inspired by the songs of the Inception movie, where they took the audio and slowed it down then played it at a greatly reduced tempo which increased the drama.

Here is the schedule for the whole team on the weeks running up to our first Hand-In