Team Meeting – 24/10/2012

ICA and Presentation
We have received the ICA requirement for the first presentation and hand-in on the 6th and 19th of November. It requires a design brief that outlines the key features of the game in terms of design, programming, art and animation. In addition to some concept to convey the tone, we’ll present a video of the movement prototype and the beautymap with all the post process effects, art assets, creature animations, particle effects and sound.

Design and Programming
The programmers have created a custom vehicle class that allows us to edit the vehicle properties in engine, which should help us specify the movement mechanics quicker. Once that is done we’ll start formulating the design docs and elaborate on the gameplay.

In addition to the creatures and atmospheric effects, the artists will primarily focus on larger assets that can be used for level design, namely the flat rocks, large ship, submarine, and plane wrecks, as well as massive skeletons.

The animators are creating animation cycles for the shark, stingray, and fish, while exploring ways of simulating shoals of fish using particle effects and Anim Trees controlled by AI behavior systems. They are looking at the best way to convey weight underwater when animating the mechanical submarine. Dave is additionally structuring the narrative and brainstorming ways of motivating the player and providing emotional substance to the story.

Mark has composed a new soundtrack that fits really well with the tone of the game! He is working with different layers of the soundtrack that can be added and triggered by specific event, volumes or control inputs. He is also in the progress of developing a unique audio identifier for each environment, creature, and submarine.