Animation Update #3 – “This is beyond me, this fish.”

After posing the question to the artists; “What fish would you like to see in the game?” We were given feedback to create a list of fish, so that’s precisely what we did! The creatures are broken down into categories based on the depth they would be found at as well as how dangerous they are.

  D.H. Lawrence
I am not the measure of creation.
This is beyond me, this fish.
His God stands outside my God.

This will become a working document for the artists, animators and designers, for us to refer back to whenever we need a quick reference as to which creatures we can use.

The creatures were chosen based on a variety of factors including their cultural popularity, scientific interest, evolutionary features, conversational danger, colour schemes / patterns, silhouettes, and how well they would fit into our story.

The creatures we had the most fun researching were the deep sea creatures who glowed in the dark, could withstand intense pressure, lived with no sunlight and had no skin pigment. They were the most intriguing and the team agrees that they could provide the most visual interest for the game.

GD SOS – Candidates- Creature List (PDF format)