Team Meeting – 06/10/2012

So we just had our second team meeting and we have decided the direction we are taking for our Underwater Exploration Game. We boiled down our idea and decided what we aim to produce for our prototype in mid November.

We discussed what assets we need to reinforce the experience of being submersed. We will develop the core Underwater Aesthetics and atmosphere using sound, lighting, particles and post processing effects.

We will also adapt the player Movement to the Manta, and adjust the specifications for the right underwater physics. Since basic movement control is the first feature, we will create a training level where the player is introduced to the core mechanics and explore their usages. And it would be nice to have some audio feedback for the submarine and interactions with the environment to go with it. đŸ™‚

Once we have some blockouts of the first level, the artists will have a better idea of art style and environmental assets. We will also populate the environment with some familiar Sea life, while looking into what crazy creatures the player could encounter below.

That’s right, we are hoping to go deeper and explore more alien creatures and territories, and develop emergent mechanics to go along.

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