Brainstorm Notes – 03/10/2012

After the story meeting with Dave and sound designer Mark Clough we have come up with a basic 3 Act structure that provide some narrative, beats and incentive, while keeping it fairly open. Each act takes place on separate steps with the exposition happening so you descend to the next level below.

The first act contains the basic and familiar ocean assets and atmosphere, and is where the core mechanics like movement and light is trained. This is what we’ll present for the first milestone in November.

I also spoke with David just now, looking over the characters, creatures, and other potential animation work. We decided to focus solely on the core mechanics and aesthetics like the ambient creatures, consistent gameplay creatures, particle effects, and perhaps submarine mechanics. So no work on feature characters like AI Bot, the Beast, or the Gollum character yet, other than brainstorming, concepting, and character bios.

Once we have done the essentials, the first act, we’ll have an idea of workload and scope. We have started work on a new brainstorm document, which is more focused than the first.

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